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Harmonizing Your Garden with Feng Shui part 2

Location, Location, Location

Another critical factor to consider is the location of your garden. The Chinese believe that where and how items are placed is just as important as their make-up. To fully understand the importance of location in feng shui, it is necessary to study the use of a compass and the bagua, an octagonal map that tells you where to best place items when you want to achieve specific results such as improved health, better relationships and communication or more abundant wealth.

The bagua is divided into eight specific segments, beginning with the fame sector at the top. The fame sector is associated with the element of fire, the colour red and is symbolic of enthusiasm and completion. To its right, you'll find the relationship sector, associated with the earth element, the colour pink and symbolic of marriage and closeness. Next is the children sector, associated with the metal element, the colour white and symbolic of group activities or hobbies. The helpful people sector is next, also associated with the metal element and the colour gray and symbolic of travel.

The career sector is associated with the water element and the colour black. This explains why it was recommended to me that I install a fountain in my home when I had my first feng shui consultation, as developing my career as a freelance writer was my priority at the time. And yes, I achieved some rather dramatic results after installing that fountain!

The knowledge sector is associated with the earth element, colour blue and symbolizes a deeper understanding. The family sector is associated with the wood element, colour green and symbolizes growth and new ideas. And the wealth sector is associated with wood, the colour purple and symbolizes abundance and prosperity. That completes the circle and brings us back up to fame.

Understanding a bagua is not easy and best left to the interpretation of an expert. But one thing to remember is that unlike a traditional map in which north is generally at the top, on a bagua, south is at the top. That is because it is believed that the best chi flows from the south.

Feng shui experts will study the bagua in relation to the placement of your home and adjacent roadways and other landmarks. The best place to position a pond or water feature is in the front of your house because water represents abundance. By positioning the water in front of your house, you'll symbolically be welcoming an abundance of good things into your home.

The next thing to consider is where in your front yard. Details are of paramount importance in feng shui. Experts suggest that it is auspicious (a good omen) to place your water garden in a place that is protected from strong winds and the elements, yet not in a place where the wind can't blow at all and the air is stagnant. Remember. Itís all about balance -- and about common sense.

If you've decided to include the water element in your garden by way of a pond, ensure you've chosen a suitable pond size for your space and depth for the safety of younger family members. It is generally recommended to keep pond sizes equal to about one tenth of the surrounding area.

Gold fish are considered good luck in feng shui and should be included if your pond is smaller. If your water garden is bigger and deeper, you can then have larger fish such as koi or Japanese carp.

Important Tips

I hope I've whetted your appetite for this intriguing topic. Remember to consider the following when developing your garden and you'll be off to a good feng shui start:

The overall location and exact size and placement (especially of water elements) are of paramount importance.

If you are making a path to or through your garden, use curved lines as sharp edges and straight lines are generally undesirable in feng shui.

You must keep the five feng shui elements of earth, metal, water, wood, and fire in balance.

Keep your garden free of clutter and promptly remove any dead plants, flowers and foliage.

Feng shui "cures" can be prescribed by a professional if you find your pre-existing situation to be contrary to the recommendations described in this article.


If you'd like to incorporate the principles of feng shui into your home, garden or place of work, contact a certified feng shui practitioner or feng shui master in your area to arrange for an on-site consultation. Feng shui is a time-tested, but complex discipline and without guidance, it is easy to make a mistake that might produce negative results.

For a partial listing of feng shui consultants and other helpful information, visit The World of Feng Shui online at: or

An excellent web site about feng shui gardening can be found at Here, youíll have the opportunity to purchase a variety of feng shui books, obtain feng shui cures and get some free feng shui tips as well.

A terrific book that explains feng shui as it relates to gardening is
Feng Shui Your Garden FOR DUMMIES by Jennifer Lawler and Holly Ziegler. The book is written in a comical, easy-to-understand style. It contains lots of useful tips and explains the use of a bagua, the special feng shui map detailing the importance of placement in feng shui.